"Here's What Clients Say About The Comedy Magic of Jim Barron.  You Can Have Great Results Like This Too!!!"
"Thanks for the excellent job you did at our corporate business planning kick-off.  Your ability to draw people into the act and keep everyone laughing was amazing!  Our group tends to be a bit conservative, so it was fun to see everyone kick back and have a good time.  You can count on us calling you for future events.  Thank you again!"
Jennifer Kennedy/ Bonar Group

"You did a fantastic job!  Your performance was full of fun and laughter.  After such a stressful year, our employees needed a fun party and someone to make them laugh.  Jim Barron was that someone!  The show was outstanding and every employee who walked up to me following the evening said that Jim Barron was the best part of the evening.  We enjoyed you tremendously!"
Kim Reasoner/ Essex Employee Club

"Thank you for providing the entertainment at our Christmas party today.  I cant remember when we have had such a good time.  When I looked over and saw people laughing so hard they were crying, I knew it was a success.  This also was definitely the easiest party to put on.  We werea able to sit back and relax and enjoy the party.  You gave 110% and we appreciate your time and effort to make it a success!"
Helen Baugh/ Managed Care Services

"Jim Barron performed at our Holiday party and was an outstanding success.  Not only did Jim's magic amaze us, but his comedy and good-natured humor had us laughing nonstop.  Making us part of his show added to the fun, but never at the expense of anyone in the audience.  Feedback from the staff was extremely positive.  Many people commented on how much they enjoyed the party and Jim's act.  Comments included "not the typical magic act", "my sides are still aching from laughing' and "it was good therapy".  I wholeheartedly recommend "The Magic and Comedy of Jim Barron!"
Lynn Zacharias/ Baden Gage & Schroeder

"I want to thank you for entertaining us at our recent company meeting.  It was one of the best we've had thanks to you!  You have a true talent for good clean entertainment.  I am confident that your show would impress even the most skeptical person.  Thanks again for such contagious fun!"
Kassie Snyder/ Kimble Glass

"I can't begin to thank you enough for your outstanding contribution to the success of our company Christmas parties each of the past two years.  Your style and show selection were absolutely perfect and everyone in attendance had a wonderful time!  It's difficult to find an entertainer who is enthusiastically received by everyone but you did it with a refreshing blend of humor and energy.  I look forward to working with you in the future as I know I can count on you!"
Olin M. Wiland/ C.E.O. Metal Spinners Inc.

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